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About the Art

Micrography Art:











There is an entirely different process used in making each type of image.

A lithograph is a very high quality machine printed image made by using

a 4 color separation process much like how the covers of any color

magazine is printed.


A Serigraph is a silk screened image. With a Serigraph the original oil

painting is scanned and separated digitally into each and every color

found in the original. A separate silk screen is created for each and every

color that was scanned. There are usually from 80 to 130 individual

colors in the majority of some Serigraphs.


Each silk screen is precisely placed over the Serigraph paper, and then

by hand squeegee, paint for a specific color is applied. This single

application of one paint color must then dry for at least 24 to 48 hours

before the next color paint can be applied.

It can take a Serographer up to 6 months to produce 1 run of as many as

500 Serigraphs of the same image.

Serigraphs are also produced in much smaller numbers than

Lithographs, and they are as costly to produce, and as close to the

actual original painting as you can possibly get.

There is a very noticeable difference in the high quality of a Serigraph

(technically original art) when compared to a Lithograph (reproduction).



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